Guiding Principles


Courage is Key
To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, Courage is every virtue at its testing point. Without courage, you cannot live with integrity, faith, honor, persistence, grit, mercy, or grace. Without courage, you cannot CONQUER yourself.


Tactical Avoidance of Disbelief
To make radical and powerful change, men must suspend the disbelief that emanates from our corrupted personal operating systems.
Cease Fire
To move forward and make critical discoveries about ourselves, men must practice non-judgment of ourselves and others.
Kill Your Ego
Your ego stands in the way of real and powerful progress in life. Ego is often the author of the stories you tell yourself.
Own Your Results
To discover our purpose, we must first accept that our choices have guided our trajectory in life.


Live Your Ethos
A man cannot respect himself living outside his ethos. Ethos is the armor we wear in protecting ourselves from a broken world and its siren song that ultimately leads men astray.
Make a Battle Plan
Ethos offers a battle plan, a compass and a blueprint for living and making hard decisions throughout life.
Strengthen Your Soul
Our Ethos ensures we act in accordance with protecting and building our courage, personal integrity and soul.
Pre-determine Your Path
Ethos allows us to make decisions about how to handle difficult and complex issues before they arise, so regret is minimized and integral decisions are wisely made as we navigate life.


Each Man has a Purpose
You are uniquely made, and therefore uniquely suited to seek out and accomplish a unique purpose.
Men Must Battle
Men must find righteous battles to wage in life; we must have an adversary to push against.
Men Must Build
We must build things, often with a sense of permanence or significance – and with a powerful connection to our authentic selves.
Men Must Seek Alignment
Misalignment with purpose in life causes “empty bucket syndrome” – this can lead to “quiet desperation,” self-medication, addiction, and despair. Alignment with authentic purpose is critical.


Move Through Adversity
Life has a way of throwing wrenches into the best laid plans, and it’s vital to keep moving when adversity emerges. Adversity’s greatest threat to men is to convince us to take shelter, pause and wait for better circumstances (that will never materialize).
Take Decisive Action
Don’t wait on an epiphany to move forward; take decisive action and recalibrate your path as you move forward – be “operational underway.”


Failure is Only Feedback
Failure is useful; it only defines you if you allow it to do so. Failure is the father of success; it lights our path forward. All great achievements were preceded by innumerable failures that pointed the way forward to success.
Forge Mental Toughness
Men must, first and foremost, develop mental toughness as a tool for unlocking other critical skills. We must stay in the fight to learn the lessons that lead to breakthroughs in life.


Service = Meaning
Purpose finds its greatest effect in service to others. Men have an innate need to be useful to others as a way of making meaning.

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