Prove It To Yourself Doctrine

by | May 24, 2023 | Essays, Latest Essays

Over the course of the past 25 plus years, I have used the “prove it to yourself doctrine” as a foundational concept with my Krav Maga students and coaching clients. And the CONQUER CULTURE courses are developed around this critical doctrine. Think about this from my position as an instructor. I am in a position to teach people how to save their lives in dire and violent situations. And as you might expect, the more intense and significant the danger is, the more students will seek out absolute answers or solutions. For instance, if you consider a knife threat to the throat and the corresponding defense, students will naturally have a host of questions. Why? Because, they each want to be absolutely clear about what is required and why it is required. After all, lives may very well hang in the balance – their lives in fact!
In this context I will answer the questions posed by my students, but I insist that each student utilize the “prove it to yourself” doctrine. The concept is simple. I specifically do not want any student to “take my word” as the answer for their question. Rather, I want the students to work with the information I have provided, test it, and wrestle with it. I want them to work through the question physically, and prove to themselves that the answer adequately addresses their question(s). Without this process, students may have an understanding of a defense but not a powerful confidence in the defense.

The CONQUER CULTURE courses will offer you a host of directives and suggestions aimed at redirecting your life to a more fulfilling existence. But, many of these suggestions and ideas cannot help you make a course correction in your life without you taking the position that you will “prove it to yourself.” I am confident that you will find these suggestions very powerful if you take the time to put in an honest effort.

But, in all things CONQUER CULTURE, I do not want you to take my word for anything. Instead, wrestle with the information, and prove it to yourself.

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