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Much of today’s modern disease – heart disease, cancer, diabetic disease and Alzheimer’s – has been recently linked to our food intake. And more specifically, the intake of refined sugar and the unchecked impact of stress over time has been shown to dramatically affect both the lifespan and health span of human beings. In this 90-day progression, men change how and what they eat, how they approach sleep, and how they breathe. The protocol – EAT / SLEEP / BREATH – is a functional approach to changing body composition and leveraging diet and sleep to “program” our genes to turn on the signals that promote health (and turn off the genes signals that promote disease). As a bonus, I’ve added some warrior practices that will get you moving. If your health is in question, your weight is suboptimal (or out of control), this 60-day health reclamation may be just the thing you need to turn the corner to a new level of health and vitality.
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7 Pillar Worksheet

The uneasy feeling you keep ignoring won't go away. You're living a life that's unworthy of your unique purpose, and you realize you've got to do something.  Where do you start?

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7 Pillar Worksheet
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