Double Edged Blade

Men live life with two blades – one with which to build and one to battle. We are most alive when we are building something aligned with our purpose or battling an obstacle in direct conflict without personal ethos. But, we are often led astray by our passions. In this coursework, you’ll examine the connection between the bad code that can hijack your personal operating system and those things you call passions – that may betray your real calling.
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7 Pillar Worksheet

The uneasy feeling you keep ignoring won't go away. You're living a life that's unworthy of your unique purpose, and you realize you've got to do something.  Where do you start?

Download the CONQUER CULTURE 7 PILLAR WORKSHEET and launch a 3-step process to ignite your personal reclamation.

7 Pillar Worksheet
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