Coaching Certification

One of the most powerful ways to lock-in your own personal transformation is to make the commitment to become a certified coach.
Coaches often discover that engaging with clients is not only incredibly fulfilling but that engagement acts as a mirror reflecting into their lives – a reminder of the work that must be done to better live out our essential and unique purpose and bolster our personal ethos.

The CONQUER CULTURE coaching certification is different, because we focus on the issues men face as they transition into their mid-30s and beyond. We focus on building a life that is authentic and meaningful within a community that expects accountability and growth from one another. Our focus is both targeted and differentiated.

CJ speaking
CJ speaking
The CONQUER CULTURE COACHING curriculum provides the knowledge, insight, experience, staff and format that trains our coaching apprentices how to engage with clients using an integrated, step-by-step methodology that is designed to uncover the underlying stories and habits that hold men back from living out a meaningful and powerful life.
Conversely, the program is not about excitement, motivation and/or hype. Too many coaching courses focus on these fleeting ideals and fail to ever uncover the real issues men must face to confront themselves and move forward in life.

Currently, CONQUER CULTURE is taking applications for our COACHING CERTIFICATION COHORTS. These cohorts are synchronous (live) and are conducted via ZOOM and other Internet applications. The entire coaching certification process wraps up after 12 months of study, meetings, and trial coaching engagements. Those certified will be licensed and certified as a CONQUER CULTURE COACH, highlighted on the CONQUER CULTURE website and have preferential priority to all CONQUER CULTURE events.

7 Pillar Worksheet

The uneasy feeling you keep ignoring won't go away. You're living a life that's unworthy of your unique purpose, and you realize you've got to do something.  Where do you start?

Download the CONQUER CULTURE 7 PILLAR WORKSHEET and launch a 3-step process to ignite your personal reclamation.

7 Pillar Worksheet
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